The Man Who Would Be King

Or president, prime minister or CEO


Jesus says:

Mankind … feels the need to be led by someone who would take upon himself all the glory and the even greater burden of authority and responsibility for the happiness or unhappiness of his subjects: someone who would be responsible to the subjects, to neighboring countries, and what is more dreadful, to God.

Because it is true that crowns and social pre-eminence, whichever they may be, are granted by men, but they are allowed by God, without Whose condescension no human power can be imposed. Which explains the sudden unimaginable changes of dynasties, which were considered everlasting and of powers which seemed untouchable, and which, when they overstepped the limit in punishing or trying people, were overthrown by the same people, with God’s permission, and became nothing but dust or, at times, sewer filth. read more…

Embracing One’s Duty

Do I have to? Yeah.

How do I own it?

How does one keep pressing forward when all seems to conspire against you and weigh you down?

Jesus sheds light on this question in his response to his mother, who implored him to stay away from Nazareth after having been tossed out by his own people.

“Mother, if the Son of man should go only where He is loved, He should turn His step from this world and go back to Heaven. I have enemies everywhere. Because the Truth is hated, and I am the Truth. But I did not come to find easy love. I came to do the will of the Father and to redeem man. You are love, Mother, My love, that compensates Me for everything. You, and this little herd, which grows in numbers every day with some little sheep that I snatch from the wolves of passions and I lead to the fold of God. All the rest is duty. I have come to fulfill this duty and I must accomplish it even to the extent of crashing against the stony hearts unyielding to good. Nay, only after I have fallen, wetting their hearts with blood, I will soften them, stamping on them My Sign that will cancel the Enemy’s sign. Mother, I descended from Heaven for that. I can only wish to accomplish that.”

From Poem of the Man-God, Maria Valtorta, p 566; used by permission of  the publisher Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri FR, Italy

In Honor of the Holy Spirit

Jesus says:

“To know the mystery of God’s nature is not granted to your very limited intellectual capacities, to your embryonic spirituality. But the mystery becomes more knowable for the spiritual, amidst the mass of the so-called spiritual. The mystery is revealed with greater clarity to the lovers of the Son, to those who are truly marked by my Blood, because my Blood is Knowledge, and my Predilection is a School….” read more…

Why Holy Communion Leaves You Unchanged

Transubstantiation is more than a magic trick.

What we join to the sublime gift of God determines what we get.

Getting what you give applies no less to the spiritual life. What we bring to Communion from our lives in the days preceding will determine what we leave with.  read more…

“Come to Me”

Jesus says:

“You cannot reconcile the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of Satan. You cannot simultaneously satisfy the flesh and the spirit. You must choose.

“I have given you intelligence so that you can choose. I have given you light so that you can see. I have given you love so that you can guide yourselves. And I have given you freedom, for your existence would not otherwise have merit. You have erred ten, a hundred, a thousand times. read more…

Why God Created Man

God’s secret intention behind creation

Mary’s role in the grand scheme of things


Jesus himself explains:

God desired to put a king in the universe that He had created out of nothing. A king, who by the nature of matter should be the first amongst all the creatures created with matter and endowed with matter. A king, who by nature of the spirit should be little less than divine, united to Grace as he was in his first innocent day. read more…

Why the New Evangelization is So Critical

Tearing Down the Veil of Deception

Time to turn the lights on

In God’s far-reaching vision and perfect grasp of future events, He knows what his faithful and those in danger of losing his friendship will need to survive in each period of history with their souls intact.

The New Evangelization that so many are trying to understand and embrace was definitely God’s idea prepared long in advance for such times as these, and it must come about with increasing spiritual power as well as widespread use of all media. read more…

The Dignity of the Priesthood

Nourishing man with the Flesh of a God.

Preserving the Flock through Forgiveness in Christ’s Name

Jesus instructs the apostles on the role and dignity of the new priesthood when appearing to them a second time after his resurrection. read more…

The Final Evangelization

A second and final evangelization is being guided by Heaven
to meet the new times. 

What’s really behind the New Evangelization?

In 1950, Jesus gave the following dictation to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta:

Since for twenty centuries there has been everything necessary for man to possess the Eternal Kingdom and reach the end for which he was created, there will not be a second redemption by the God‑Man. The man who loses Grace through weakness has the means to recover it and be redeemed. As he falls on his own, so on his own he can be redeemed by using the perpetual gifts which Christ instituted for all men who wish to draw from them.

And the Word of the Father will not come for a second Evangelization. He will not come personally. And yet He will evangelize. read more…

Do we recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd?

Jesus speaks about the conclusion of His third year of public life and how His works and teachings have aroused different reactions in different people. He raises the question whether we today, having at our disposal a fuller understanding of His life as presented in the Poem of the Man-God will reject Him because of what these pages stir up within us. read more…