Jesus says, “…I am preparing an Era of Love, the Era of my Third Fiat.” ¹

As time marches on, so does the unfolding of God’s Divine Plan. As man prepares more war and destruction—within himself and without—the Lord of history prepares His counter offensive.

His strategy? To confound us with Love. To give us every opportunity to return to the order, place and purpose for which we were created. To return to the living in his Divine Will so that his Kingdom will reign in our midst as in Heaven.

“The Third ‘Fiat’ will give such grace to the creature as to make him return as if to his state of origin. And then, when I have seen man as he came forth from Me, my work will be complete; and I will take perpetual repose in my last ‘Fiat.’ Only life in my Volition will restore man to this state of origin.” ²

Jesus said the Third Fiat “will be like the rainbow that was seen in the heavens after the flood, which, as a rainbow of peace, assured men that the flood had stopped…. as the Second Fiat called me to earth to live among men, so the Third Fiat will call my Will into souls, and there It will reign on earth as It does in Heaven…. From this my Will will have life on earth, and It will have the beginning of the fulfillment of my prayer and that of the whole Church: ‘Your Kingdom come and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.'” ³

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