Tearing Down the Veil of Deception

Time to turn the lights on

In God’s far-reaching vision and perfect grasp of future events, He knows what his faithful and those in danger of losing his friendship will need to survive in each period of history with their souls intact.

The New Evangelization that so many are trying to understand and embrace was definitely God’s idea prepared long in advance for such times as these, and it must come about with increasing spiritual power as well as widespread use of all media.

To understand the utter importance of the New Evangelization, consider what the Holy Spirit related to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta in 1950.

“… woe four times over, to those days when Infinite Goodness and unlimited Evil will fight their final battle before the definitive victory of Goodness and those who are Good and the definitive defeat of Evil and his Servants!

“All the horror and blood there have been on earth since the Creator made it will be nothing in comparison to the horror of the ultimate struggle. For this reason Jesus the Master spoke so clearly to his followers when he predicted the last times. To prepare men for the final struggles, in which only those with intrepid faith, burning charity, and unshakable hope will be able to persevere without failing into damnation and merit Heaven.

“For this reason ‑ since the world is descending deeper and deeper into the abyss, into non-faith or excessively weak faith, and charity and hope languish in too many and in many are already dead ‑ through every means an effort should be made for God to be more greatly known, loved, and followed. What the Priest – avoided or not heeded by too many ‑ cannot obtain can be gained by the press and books in which the Word of God is again presented to the multitudes.

“A word sometimes suffices to lift up a fallen spirit, lead a straying person back onto the right path and prevent the definitive suicide of a soul.

“For this reason God, who sees and knows everything about men, with the means of his Infinite Charity reveals his thought and his desire to souls chosen by Him for this mission and does not want his help to remain inactive and suffers on seeing that what would be the bread of salvation for many is not given to them.

“Languishing souls’ need for spiritual food is constantly growing. But the choice grain given by God remains locked up and useless, and weakness is increasing, and the number of those perishing, not so much in this life as in the other, goes on growing.”

[From The Notebooks, Maria Valtorta, Volume 3, pp. 620-621; used by permission of  the publisher Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri FR, Italy]

There are so many fronts on which to fight the current battle of truth and true religion against evil and so many current-day deceptions. We are truly like sheep headed for the slaughter. Without the Word animating and directing our thoughts in union with the truth safeguarded and proclaimed by the Catholic church – even when it was hugely unfashionable – we don’t stand a chance.

How shall we respond to the current world system? It’s time to take the gloves off and no longer mince words in the ultimate quest of bringing more souls into the fold of the Father’s love, into the fulness of truth and eternal life.

Lies and deception are being thrown in our face. And the less we react, the more it keeps coming. We are being pushed around and bullied like never before, and the roots of the current false system are so deep and pervasive, it’s hard to believe what’s actually happening before our eyes.

We must do our part to take down the great coverup, the veil of confusion and diversion, that keep so many from seeing the truth and that bind them in spiritual slavery.

We were created to be bright and alive, fully functioning and awake to eternal truths. We were created to know and love the Creator of our lives and natural world. And we were created to participate in God’s ongoing creation, and now, the redemption and sanctification of souls.

We are so sidetracked as a people that we don’t know which way is up.

But time is coming to a pivotal point, and there is none to waste. Matters of life and death are on the table. It is truly an epic battle of light against the darkness that will ever try to snuff the light out. But it cannot succeed if we refuse to extinguish our own light.

More to the point, we must let the light of God radiate from within us and point it at the darkness of the world.

We must take the Apostle Peter and his triple denial of Christ to heart. We know from hindsight that we should make every effort to stay vigilant and not become prey to the devil and our cowardice because we want to save our own flesh.

We must stir our hearts to the love of Jesus as did the Apostle John and follow wherever he leads us, even if to Calvary. Love will show us what we must do. Love will make us victors and heroes of faith.

When we give everything to God, He gives us everything we need to accomplish his will – and it will not return back to Him void.