What man lives today as religion—or irreligion—will one day give way to the original and supreme reality: life solely within God’s dominion, stripped of all human agendas, mechanisms and props.

Man’s continued day on earth is a period of time given to reorient himself with his Creator. A time to reorder himself—collectively and individually—in God’s Creative Fiat as it originally went forth, having lost his vital connection with the source of all Life soon after his creation.

When that day on earth comes to a close, there will be no distinction between a religious outlook and his very life. More often than not, religion is like a caregiver, supporting and guiding man as he seeks to discover what real health, vitality and life are about.

For those who dare to trust and pursue God’s firm promises, that abundant life can begin now. For those who have recognized the invitation and responded with the corresponding courage and faith, participating in the life of God is a present reality.

Life in God is not about adding one more thing to our collection of earthly or spiritual trophies. In fact, it is the opposite of anything we could contrive or engineer on our own. It is the losing of oneself (and finding oneself for the first time) in the experience of God. And it can be had only by letting go of our willfulness and disposing ourselves to receive the Divine Will Itself. God’s Kingdom come, His Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Remember, the life you live today is the prelude to your eternity. If your hands are full of earthly goods and your mind overcrowded with worldly or mundane interests, you cannot grasp the heavenly realities. If your sole focus is on the day-to-day material plane, you will have nothing of lasting value after the material is gone.