Yet it is He who sustains my life every instant of every day.

God is inexhaustible life, continuous creation, eternal renewal.


If we only knew how close God is to us. Even the word “close” is misleading because God is closer than close. His very Spirit sustains us. Our souls are particles of his Being that never die. And so He causes us to exist every moment as the Life-Giving Spirit within.

Not only is He the source of our life, but God is constantly renewing his Life within us. But for most of us, to no avail. Like desperate urchins and greedy thieves, we grab everything we can get without a thought for the Provider. We live unconscious of Him who is the source of our life, our faculities to think, remember and act with a free will.

And so, without a thought, we drag this Life-giving Force into the mud with us. We use it to suit our desires. We try to tame and maniupulate it into something that serves at our pleasure. We refashion our very Creator according to our ego, in our own image.

We would be doubly guilty if we knew what we are doing. But we don’t. We’ve lost that Original Reference Point, buried under centuries of human “progress” and spiritual confusion. It is no wonder that in our world today anything goes. And, along with it, the complete degradation and ruin of our humanity.

But like God’s Life, his generosity is inexhaustible. And He is ever waiting, calling and longing for blind mankind to open his eyes and reconnect.

He has given each of us a marvelous gift: the free, no-strings-attached gift of our own life. And He will not intrude or take it back.

But, like a good father, He shows the way to live a meaningful, happy life. Not a life without sorrows, the cost of our original rupture with God. But a life that has the assurance of being in the truth and moving closer to the source of real equilibrium, wholeness and peace.

We are all prodigal sons and daughters groping our way back to the Father, who calls us back to our beginnings so we might recognize his face. And for those who accept his call, He will restore and refashion his Image within.

We have only scratched the surface in understanding God’s love for us. That’s a good thing to know so we don’t fall hopelessly into depression and confuse the little we know with the eternal blessedness of Heaven, of living directly in God’s presence.

“My riches are such that the firmaments would not be sufficient to receive them. They are renewed every instant, with every beat—to give you a human comparison—of the great heart that is the hub of our Trinity. Inexhaustible life, continuous creation, eternal renewal.” *

* From The Notebooks 1943, Maria Valtorta, page 102; used by permission of  the publisher Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri FR, Italy.