Leave the “adult” behind.

Childlikeness is the Price of Admission

If the price of entry into the Kingdom of God–His Divine Will–is to become as a little child, then we must understand what that means and pursue┬áit all costs.

I think the main characteristic of a little child is the ability to be spontaneous: carefree and anxious about nothing. If so, then it would be that spontaneity that enables God to do what He needs in forming his Kingdom and Will within.

To be spontaneous requires:

  • Trust that someone’s really looking out for you and has your life in his or her hands. In fact, there is no question about it. So much so, that you never think about it.
  • You constantly feel encouraged and loved for who you are.
  • You know if you go too far in one direction or another you will be pulled back in.
  • You know you will be taken care of in all your daily needs.
  • You are always growing and learning new, wholesome things.

In short, you don’t have to worry about anything, except leaving this perfect environment.

Not having to worry puts you in a state of ease (no dis-ease) and so you can enter and live freely in the Kingdom of God’s Will.

Who is that we can trust to watch over and take care of us? We often receive that help from friends and family–our community–even if we don’t recognize or want it. But limited, mortal creatures can only take us so far. We need to be able to trust in and surrender to the love of a God. Someone who is so much bigger than us and who we know always has our best interests at heart. Like a young child might see his father or mother.