The New Evangelization

Anticipating the Time of the Spirit

The Final Evangelization

A second and final evangelization is being guided by Heaven
to meet the new times. 

What’s really behind the New Evangelization?

In 1950, Jesus gave the following dictation to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta:

Since for twenty centuries there has been everything necessary for man to possess the Eternal Kingdom and reach the end for which he was created, there will not be a second redemption by the God‑Man. The man who loses Grace through weakness has the means to recover it and be redeemed. As he falls on his own, so on his own he can be redeemed by using the perpetual gifts which Christ instituted for all men who wish to draw from them.

And the Word of the Father will not come for a second Evangelization. He will not come personally. And yet He will evangelize. read more…

A New Evangelization

Jesus explains the coming of “a new evangelization” to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta:

“I shall evangelize, not as I [once] evangelized, but with a new power, for then the good will be not humanly good, as the disciples at my first coming were, but they will be spiritually good, and the wicked will be spiritually wicked, Satanically wicked, perfectly wicked. The form will thus be consonant with the circumstances, for if I were to use the form I used twenty centuries ago, it would be obsolete – for the perfect, in terms of goodness, and it would mean giving the Satanic ones a chance to cause an offense which it is not permitted to cause to the glorified Word. read more…

How Do I Live with a God?

Yet it is He who sustains my life every instant of every day.

God is inexhaustible life, continuous creation, eternal renewal.


If we only knew how close God is to us. Even the word “close” is misleading because God is closer than close. His very Spirit sustains us. Our souls are particles of his Being that never die. And so He causes us to exist every moment as the Life-Giving Spirit within. read more…

The Man Who Would Be King

Or president, prime minister or CEO


Jesus says:

Mankind … feels the need to be led by someone who would take upon himself all the glory and the even greater burden of authority and responsibility for the happiness or unhappiness of his subjects: someone who would be responsible to the subjects, to neighboring countries, and what is more dreadful, to God.

Because it is true that crowns and social pre-eminence, whichever they may be, are granted by men, but they are allowed by God, without Whose condescension no human power can be imposed. Which explains the sudden unimaginable changes of dynasties, which were considered everlasting and of powers which seemed untouchable, and which, when they overstepped the limit in punishing or trying people, were overthrown by the same people, with God’s permission, and became nothing but dust or, at times, sewer filth. read more…

Through God’s Eyes

What man lives today as religion—or irreligion—will one day give way to the original and supreme reality: life solely within God’s dominion, stripped of all human agendas, mechanisms and props.

Man’s continued day on earth is a period of time given to reorient himself with his Creator. A time to reorder himself—collectively and individually—in God’s Creative Fiat as it originally went forth, having lost his vital connection with the source of all Life soon after his creation.

When that day on earth comes to a close, there will be no distinction between a religious outlook and his very life. More often than not, religion is like a caregiver, supporting and guiding man as he seeks to discover what real health, vitality and life are about.

For those who dare to trust and pursue God’s firm promises, that abundant life can begin now. For those who have recognized the invitation and responded with the corresponding courage and faith, participating in the life of God is a present reality.

Life in God is not about adding one more thing to our collection of earthly or spiritual trophies. In fact, it is the opposite of anything we could contrive or engineer on our own. It is the losing of oneself (and finding oneself for the first time) in the experience of God. And it can be had only by letting go of our willfulness and disposing ourselves to receive the Divine Will Itself. God’s Kingdom come, His Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Remember, the life you live today is the prelude to your eternity. If your hands are full of earthly goods and your mind overcrowded with worldly or mundane interests, you cannot grasp the heavenly realities. If your sole focus is on the day-to-day material plane, you will have nothing of lasting value after the material is gone.

Embracing One’s Duty

Do I have to? Yeah.

How do I own it?

How does one keep pressing forward when all seems to conspire against you and weigh you down?

Jesus sheds light on this question in his response to his mother, who implored him to stay away from Nazareth after having been tossed out by his own people.

“Mother, if the Son of man should go only where He is loved, He should turn His step from this world and go back to Heaven. I have enemies everywhere. Because the Truth is hated, and I am the Truth. But I did not come to find easy love. I came to do the will of the Father and to redeem man. You are love, Mother, My love, that compensates Me for everything. You, and this little herd, which grows in numbers every day with some little sheep that I snatch from the wolves of passions and I lead to the fold of God. All the rest is duty. I have come to fulfill this duty and I must accomplish it even to the extent of crashing against the stony hearts unyielding to good. Nay, only after I have fallen, wetting their hearts with blood, I will soften them, stamping on them My Sign that will cancel the Enemy’s sign. Mother, I descended from Heaven for that. I can only wish to accomplish that.”

From Poem of the Man-God, Maria Valtorta, p 566; used by permission of  the publisher Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri FR, Italy

Wholeness, Freedom and Gratitude

God does not heal us or make us whole so we can return with more vigor to our old ways of selfishness and sin. Though He leaves us free to decide, He heals us to live a fuller life in Him.

Jesus often told those he healed to go and sin no more. But He could say to all of us today, ” Go and do your own will no more, but live fully in mine.”

To go and do our own will, to live a life focused on what we can get for ourselves—whether honor, riches, praise or human indulgences of every sort—would be an act of ingratitude and a total misappropriation of the love and generosity of God.

Let us be deliberate in our own response when God restores us to wholeness. Let us give our thanks by always living his will. By putting the old man away and living as a new creation in Christ.

Entering the Kingdom of God’s Will

Leave the “adult” behind.

Childlikeness is the Price of Admission

If the price of entry into the Kingdom of God–His Divine Will–is to become as a little child, then we must understand what that means and pursue it all costs.

I think the main characteristic of a little child is the ability to be spontaneous: care free and anxious about nothing. If so, then it would be that spontaneity that enables God to do what He needs in forming his Kingdom and Will within.

To be spontaneous requires:

  • Trust that someone’s really looking out for you and has your life in his or her hands. In fact, there is no question about it. So much so, that you never think about it.
  • You constantly feel encouraged and loved for who you are.
  • You know if you go too far in one direction or another, you will be pulled back in.
  • You know you will be taken care of in all your daily needs.
  • You are always growing and  learning new, wholesome things.

In short, you don’t have to worry about anything, except leaving this perfect environment.

Not having to worry puts you in a state of ease (no dis-ease) and so you can enter and live freely in the Kingdom of God’s Will.

Who is that we can trust to watch over and take care of us? We often receive that help from friends and family–our community–even if we don’t recognize or want it. But limited, mortal creatures can only take us so far. We need to be able to trust in and surrender to the love of a God. Someone who is so much bigger than us and who we know always has our best interests at heart. Like a young child might see his father or mother.

God’s Gift to You this Christmas

In our excitement and quest to experience Heaven on earth, we often fail to receive all the gifts Christ wants to give to us at Christmastime.

He shares with us the very gifts presented to Him by the three Wise Men:

  1. The refined purity and spiritual wealth of gold
  2. The incense of prayer that unites us to the Eternal Will of God
  3. The bitter myrrh of human suffering

read more…

How do I know if I’m living in the Divine Will?

I often wonder if I’m really acting in the Divine Will. If I’m connected to God’s “electrical current.”

We’ve been taught that no matter how small the act, it can participate in the Divine, Eternal Act of God.

Yet, when making my acts in the Will of God, I usually don’t feel or sense anything at all. It seems like I’m living in God’s Will by blind faith, by desire alone. read more…