A New Evangelization

Jesus explains the coming of “a new evangelization” to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta:

“I shall evangelize, not as I [once] evangelized, but with a new power, for then the good will be not humanly good, as the disciples at my first coming were, but they will be spiritually good, and the wicked will be spiritually wicked, Satanically wicked, perfectly wicked. The form will thus be consonant with the circumstances, for if I were to use the form I used twenty centuries ago, it would be obsolete – for the perfect, in terms of goodness, and it would mean giving the Satanic ones a chance to cause an offense which it is not permitted to cause to the glorified Word. Continue reading

Learning to Say Yes to God

No Longer Creatures of Habit

The un-education of our wills

Praise be to God who answers the questions and prayers we can’t quite articulate but struggle to form. He knows our hearts and sees the thoughts forming in our minds like clouds constantly coalescing and rearranging themselves until they reach critical mass.

Throughout our life, beginning in childhood, we use our will more or less at our discretion. Like a line of credit, we spend it freely on ourselves—and sometimes on others—to satisfy our wants and desires. Continue reading

Every day is Christmas Day in the Divine Will

A sense of anticipation, a feeling of security and happiness being together as a family. The excitement, newness and brightness of hope swelling into joy. These are the impressions that characterize Christmas for me.

Who is behind it all but God, calling me to Himself through happy, bright interior moments that color all the outer moments at Christmastime with family. It is one of the most natural and intimate ways God can touch me and set me free, sharing the beauty of his love.

Living in the Divine Will is just that: drawing so close to God as to sense the brightness, happiness and joy of Christmas – any day of the year.


A Spiritual Bouquet for our Father

Making our first act of love of the day in the Divine Will to God is like gathering up a spiritual bouquet and presenting it to the One we love.

Consider that when we celebrate various holidays or solemn events, the things we most often adorn our places of worship or homes with – or exchange with each other as a sign of our affection and love – are flowers and plants. We arrange and present things of beauty that God Himself has created.

So too, when we make our Prevenient Act, we bring to God what He has created. We bring our own lives. We bring to the Creator his love for us imprinted on every created thing. There is nothing that we can give Him that He didn’t create – or have a hand in creating because of the very faculties He endowed each creature with.

Our first impulse, when we consider that who we are and what we have ultimately comes from the hand of God, should lead to a thankful spirit. And from a disposition of thanksgiving it is natural that we would be moved to acts of love.

So we gather together in our being, our soul, our will, the wonders of creation and the holy works of all throughout time, and present them as a spiritual bouquet to our loving Father – just as a young child who surprises his parents with a flower from the garden they tended with care.

Tying your Faith to the Divine Will and Power of God

Faith commits us to things, to actions, to achievements that are beyond our capabilities. It makes possible and, in fact, enables the good-willed aspirations of our hearts. Faith provides the space to hope and believe that God also wants the good that we want. Continue reading

In Honor of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Says:

“To know the mystery of God’s nature is not granted to your very limited intellectual capacities, to your embryonic spirituality. But the mystery becomes more knowable for the spiritual, amidst the mass of the so-called spiritual. The mystery is revealed with greater clarity to the lovers of the Son, to those who are truly marked by my Blood, because my Blood is Knowledge, and my Predilection is a School….” Continue reading

Why Holy Communion Leaves You Unchanged

Transubstantiation is more than a magic trick.

What we join to the sublime gift of God determines what we get.

Getting what you give applies no less to the spiritual life. What we bring to Communion from our lives in the days preceding will determine what we leave with.  Continue reading

Approaching the Father

How do we approach the Living One? How can we possibly speak to God?

How do we bridge the gulf between our poor humanity and his Divinity – from our unlimited selfishness to his Infinite Goodness? Continue reading

“Come to Me”

Jesus says:

“You cannot reconcile the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of Satan. You cannot simultaneously satisfy the flesh and the spirit. You must choose.

“I have given you intelligence so that you can choose. I have given you light so that you can see. I have given you love so that you can guide yourselves. And I have given you freedom, for your existence would not otherwise have merit. You have erred ten, a hundred, a thousand times. Continue reading

Friendship with Christ

Would that you would be hot or cold

Because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth

It is easier to ask God for help with those things that fit the typical categories of petition and prayer than it is to bring those deeply disturbing or embarrassing situations to him. But to only ask for isolated needs every now and then points to a relationship with Christ that is fairly distant. Continue reading

Why God Created Man

God’s secret intention behind creation

Mary’s role in the grand scheme of things

Jesus himself explains:

God desired to put a king in the universe that He had created out of nothing. A king, who by the nature of matter should be the first amongst all the creatures created with matter and endowed with matter. A king, who by nature of the spirit should be little less than divine, united to Grace as he was in his first innocent day. Continue reading