A New Evangelization

Jesus explains the coming of “a new evangelization” to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta:

“I shall evangelize, not as I [once] evangelized, but with a new power, for then the good will be not humanly good, as the disciples at my first coming were, but they will be spiritually good, and the wicked will be spiritually wicked, Satanically wicked, perfectly wicked. The form will thus be consonant with the circumstances, for if I were to use the form I used twenty centuries ago, it would be obsolete – for the perfect, in terms of goodness, and it would mean giving the Satanic ones a chance to cause an offense which it is not permitted to cause to the glorified Word. Continue reading

In Honor of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Says:

“To know the mystery of God’s nature is not granted to your very limited intellectual capacities, to your embryonic spirituality. But the mystery becomes more knowable for the spiritual, amidst the mass of the so-called spiritual. The mystery is revealed with greater clarity to the lovers of the Son, to those who are truly marked by my Blood, because my Blood is Knowledge, and my Predilection is a School….” Continue reading

Why Holy Communion Leaves You Unchanged

Transubstantiation is more than a magic trick.

What we join to the sublime gift of God determines what we get.

Getting what you give applies no less to the spiritual life. What we bring to Communion from our lives in the days preceding will determine what we leave with.  Continue reading

Approaching the Father

How do we approach the Living One? How can we possibly speak to God?

How do we bridge the gulf between our poor humanity and his Divinity – from our unlimited selfishness to his Infinite Goodness? Continue reading

“Come to Me”

Jesus says:

“You cannot reconcile the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of Satan. You cannot simultaneously satisfy the flesh and the spirit. You must choose.

“I have given you intelligence so that you can choose. I have given you light so that you can see. I have given you love so that you can guide yourselves. And I have given you freedom, for your existence would not otherwise have merit. You have erred ten, a hundred, a thousand times. Continue reading

Friendship with Christ

Would that you would be hot or cold

Because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth

It is easier to ask God for help with those things that fit the typical categories of petition and prayer than it is to bring those deeply disturbing or embarrassing situations to him. But to only ask for isolated needs every now and then points to a relationship with Christ that is fairly distant. Continue reading

Why God Created Man

God’s secret intention behind creation

Mary’s role in the grand scheme of things

Jesus himself explains:

God desired to put a king in the universe that He had created out of nothing. A king, who by the nature of matter should be the first amongst all the creatures created with matter and endowed with matter. A king, who by nature of the spirit should be little less than divine, united to Grace as he was in his first innocent day. Continue reading

God Speaks

Are you listening?

Looking in the mirror with the One who loves.

When God is teaching us about ourselves, it so important to take little breaths or breaks in our thinking, in the conclusions we draw and our eventual response.

Too often we reject the lesson God wishes to give because of the particular pain point involved. Continue reading

Let Christ Come, Let Him In.

If you could cut through all the clutter and super-structures of your life – of your own making and not …. If you could step outside of the world you’ve constructed for temporary comfort and sanity …. If you could strip away the insulation that keeps you from hearing the  groaning of your soul …

Then maybe you could find that holy ground buried deep within where you can have a true encounter with the Divine.

Continue reading

A Masterpiece of Love

You can go through life limping, timid, afraid, tentative, uncertain, blustering, bullying, manipulating or whatever your favorite crutch or prop is.

Or, you can go through life with grace and confidence.

But go through life and confront the highly individualized and personal challenges you must. How you choose to do so is up to you.

Why not make it a beautiful thing? A masterpiece of love.

Lord, help me to be me the way you created me to be. How holy is that?

Why the New Evangelization is So Critical

Tearing Down the Veil of Deception

Time to turn the lights on

In God’s far-reaching vision and perfect grasp of future events, He knows what his faithful and those in danger of losing his friendship will need to survive in each period of history with their souls intact.

The New Evangelization that so many are trying to understand and embrace was definitely God’s idea prepared long in advance for such times as these, and it must come about with increasing spiritual power as well as widespread use of all media. Continue reading